Monday, June 20, 2011

Isner vs Mahut: The Rematch

John Isner celebrates his Wimbledon 2010 1st round victory...before realising that he's due back for 2nd round action in just two hours...

Not content with the epic 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68 win of John Isner over Nicholas Mahut last year, "God is just taking the piss" by pairing them up once more, according to Isner. "Well my first thought was 'are you shitting me?!?'", said the American beanpole. "Then I headed straight out to the practice court and pounded serves for six hours". Mahut was equally stunned with the draw, describing his first reaction to the news as "like a punch in the cock". "Seriously, I wasted eleven hours and five minutes of my life losing that fucking match. Just when I think my tennis elbow has recovered enough, now I've likely got to fire down another ten thousand serves tomorrow. What a load of bullshit!". Isner also eluded to the toll the match took on him; "While it was great to win that match, it fucked my whole tourny. I was talkin' big servin' my way into the round of 16. Instead I got fucking pumped by a clay court specialist in the second round!".

The pair have become good friends since that marathon Court 18 stoush, and when Isner joked last week that they were going to meet again, the Frenchman didn't see the funny side. "I said 'that's not even funny, I'll punch you in the cock if you say that again'". Mahut said he has prepared for the match by eating pasta and drinking Gatorade non-stop since the draw was released.

Fans have gone crazy trying to secure tickets to the match, likely to be played out once more on Court 18. "I just love serving" said one fan. "If they can just give me even half of what I was fortunate enough to behold last year, then I'll be in heaven" he said while showing off the "biggest bag of salted cashews that I could find". Another mused enthusiastically about the tactics that might be employed; "I think Nic will serve mostly down the T. That's his money serve. John will try and use his height and kick it a bit wider. It's going to be another fascinating contest!".

Michael Sullivan of Sportingbet reports that Head To Head and Set Betting have been widely overlooked in this match. "Punters are more interested in the Most Aces and Total Games options. Isner 111-120 aces is favourite there at $3, and in Total Games 181-190 is the popular pick at $4.50".

Australian tennis fans who don't have Foxtel will not see any of the match live, with Channel Nine focusing primarily on the Aussie tilt. Foxsports will show the entire match, plus a four hour highlights package the day after it's conclusion.

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edmachine23 [aka SportingMind] said...

I remember stumbling home pissed at about 3-4am last year and turning on the TV to see this - and taking about 2 min to realise it was actually legit. I'll make sure I've got my massive bag of cashews ready this time.