Monday, June 21, 2010

Seeing Red

During my daily dump, something didn't feel ass was turned out that I'd passed out two red cards that have been recently rammed up my Aussie ass. We've been f'd in the a by FIFA refs again, and what's more, by Italians again:

Try a yellow card and a penalty you fucking Italian fucker drama queen.

The equation doesn't change for the boys. We have to beat Serbia. It's looking likely we'll have to do this with 10 men going on recent FIFA fucktard trends. Now we have to also rely on other results. We qualify with a win and Ghana somehow beating Germany. I am flabbergasted that a team as shit as Ghana is topping the group. We dominated them despite playing with 10 for nearly 70 minutes. They've done absolutely fucking nothing except knock in two penalties. So maybe it's more likely that Germany give them an absolute flogging and help us overcome a goal difference of 5. Either way, we'll take it. It would feel more right if Ghana got some come-uppance, rather than more penalties, for their all round garbage display at this Cup. JB is running conspiracy theories by me, claiming that FIFA want the Africans teams to do well, and that has a lot to do with Ghana mind-bogglingly topping the group. Perhaps he's onto something. We just need some hard evidence JB; like some photos of Blatter copping some under the table action...

There's still hope...and all I can think about is how much sweeter it will be if with get through, despite repeated reamings...Go Socceroos!

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