Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Analysis Of A Nightmare


There's one thing for certain after the horror show against Germany. You can never trust a greasy haired motherfucker:

Fucking card-slinging, slicked-back-haired mofo. Red card indeed you fucking cocksucker.

There's no way that is a red card in any competition in the world. So now we are missing our best player for the must-win clash with Ghana because of this fucking clown. And because FIFA don't have the common sense to have a review panel for fucked calls like this. The World Cup is supposed to be the best players, teams, and you'd like to think, the best officials. Marco Rodriguez is clearly not one of these. What's more, he is an environmental hazard:

A stricken bird rescued from the oil slick on top of Rodriguez' head.

For Germany's first goal, Klose was in an offside position, enough to get defenders interested. That is offside, even if someone else scores. So fuck you too Mr. Anonymous Fucker Linesman.

Everyone in sundry has panned the Pimp. And maybe it wasn't the most attacking line-up that he went with, but seriously, our midfield was virtually non-existent. It was like the autobahn through the middle of the park. They were nothing but passengers, which makes it tough when you have an aging back four. Moore and Chipperfield were awful in defense, particularly Moore. He looked like a guy who is club-less and whose last gig was in the A-League; that is, totally out of his depth. Chipperfield has lost more than a yard of pace and is just too slow tracking back. Say what you will about the Pimp's decision to play a lone striker but Garcia was one of our best. With our midfielders and defenders getting smashed, the rare occasions he got near the ball he looked lively. I would however suggest that he might have been a bit more dangerous circling around a certain beanpole.

Where to now? It's certainly not time to throw in the towel, especially after the bumfuck of a game between Ghana and Serbia that preceded. They both showed nothing to have us shaking in our boots and quite frankly, if they dish up that shit against Germany, they'll suffer the same fate as us. We have to beat them both, and without Cahill, that means Kewell and Bresciano must play, actually they must start, even if they're not 100% fit. Surely Moore has to be replaced. Maybe Beauchamp gets a run there. I'll give Chippers another chance so long as he's on a strict sprint training regime this week. But I re-iterate, Kewell and Bresciano must start or else I will also join the chorus of fans cursing the Pimp.

Just remember, in Germany '06 Ukraine got pumped 4-0 by Spain in their first match but still qualified for the knockout stages, even though they were absolute rubbish. They even went on to the quarter finals if you can believe that! Surely the most terrible team to ever do so. Australia at full strength are definitely not that bad. It's not over yet people! Go the Socceroos! Show us some ticker boys!


This campaign for the NSW Blues has just been a balltearer of a nightmare. We've now picked a side for game 2, which funnily enough, might have given us a real chance to win game 1. It's lose-lose for Blues fans. We lose the game and it's five straight. We win the game and the selectors and Bellamy are all over that win like a dirty rash in the nether regions. Pencil them in for another five years of fucking torture. The worst thing about the continuous fuck-ups at the selection table is Laurie Daley trying to justify them every week on Foxsports. Spare me fucking days.

"Look we know Jamie Lyon hates playing five-eighth but we thought he could do a job there. You've got to be able to adapt in Origin. Jamie will learn from that. The players just didn't step up which was disappointing. We thought we picked a great team but the players were just so disappointing and didn't step up and just couldn't adapt to foreign positions. When you pull on a Blues jersey, you've got to expect the unexpected and adapt, do a job, and step up".

How about you step down instead Loz? I've had enough of these fucking Johns brothers by the way. If it's not a gangbang, it's popping pingers, or racial slurs.

I'll always support the Blues players, except of course for the ones that are shithouse. They know who they are Josh Perry. Even the selectors agreed with me on that one! So hopefully they muscle up, and win or lose, go some knuckle and general off-the-ball thuggery!

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