Wednesday, May 26, 2010


FUCK YOU BOB FULTON. AND FUCK YOU BOB MCCARTHY. AND FUCK YOU GEOFF GERARD. AND FUCK YOU LAURIE DALEY. AND FUCK YOU CRAIG BELLAMY. YOU FUCKWITS FUCKED IT UP AGAIN. And I'm over it. I don't even fucking care anymore. I expect us to fucking lose. From the moment you fucktards select our team full of players that are either fucking hopeless, or are playing out of position, or are playing out of position when they're the best in the world at their position, and you choose a captain who is at best a fucking bench player, and certainly no inspirational leader, and you go with one ball distributor and YOU'RE JUST ALL DOWNRIGHT FUCKED IN THE HEAD YOU SHIT FOR BRAINS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I hereby nominate Josh Perry as Steve Simpson's heir to the throne as "Mr Invisible".
* Trent Barrett, a proven Origin player and specialist five-eighth just kills it in that game. Kills it.
* Geez Jamie Lyon looked good in the centres in the last 5 minutes of that game.
* Who did you retards think was going to rough up the opposition? Kurt fucking Gidley? Try proven Origin thugs in Barrett, Paul Gallen and Greg Bird.
* Seriously, where was our "utility player". Ennis did his best flying solo, but seriously, you fuckers.

From the vault of the PROFESSOR: The Professor is still with us, just really drunk most of the time, but leaves us with this; "Josh Perry to NSW is the equivalent of David Warner to the T20 Aussie cricket team. Warner is a specialist T20 player. Perry is a specialist Origin player..."

I'll call that some classic sarcarsm right there. Onya Professor.

So congratulations to QLD on yet another series win...a five-peat, if you will...

It used to be that Origin meant the world to me, win or lose. Now, I seriously don't give a fuck because we've lost the game at the fucking selection table. FUCK YOU FULTON, MCCARTHY, GERARD, DALEY, AND BELLAMY. You guys have just ruined Origin, and I sincerely hope history records this for all to see. I'm pretty sure 5 years of fucking it up will be recorded in the anals of history. You are fucking idiots and all NSW fans hate your fucking guts.....take the fucking hint assholes.


Professor Chaos said...

I can't help but agree with most of this.. though you probably need a break guy!

Next game, i'd want to go with something along the lines of Hayne Jennings, Tahu, Lyon, Morris, Barrett, Kimmorley in the backs.. No more origin specialist Perry -- i'd as discussed take either Cronulla front rower. I find a place for Hindmarsh and Gallen somehow as well... probably at the expense of Creagh and ??

Captain Carnage said...

I don't know...I was drunk at the time.....

Dan said...

Also, how many times does Noddy have to be shit at Origin level before the selectors stop fucking picking him? Did we learn nothing from Cliff Lyons?? Some players are just not fit for Origin. Fucking Noddy is one of these. One way ticket to FuckOffsVille for Noddy, please.

Captain Carnage said...

I think he would have got that one-way ticket to Fuckoffsville (which I hear is lovely around Origin time) if Mitchell Pearce was healthy...unfortunately the next in line would probably be Trent Hodkinson and he's only played 8 NRL games!

Creagh comes off the bench if in the side at all. We don't need 80 mins of a second rower lurking out wide. We already had 4 fucking centres!!!!

JB said...

NSW have talked the talk about building an origin team and taking it through to progress and develop - but every year it is a fucking mystery who they pick and why.
The only walk they do regarding this is continue to pick guidley as captain, I mean come on.

NSW lost on wed becasue they didn't have a team, if you are going to play people out of position and virtually out of retirement (gidley, kimmorley) you need more preparation time - reality is you dont so why not just pick the best people in that position, therefore coaching them tactics rather than how to play a foreign position.

As such it would prob help if you had a game plan so that you pick players to execute that plan, rather than pick at random and hope it comes together on the night.

The other problem is no one out there knows how to win at origin. What Qld did very well was time their energy bursts. They were able to control the game, when NSW were on they soaked it up, when it was needed there was someone who put up there hand and took back the ascendancy - in particular strong runs from perto and thaiaday and very quick play the balls from slater. A few simple things that completely swung the game and gave QLD backline space to work.
New coach, new selectors new approach to origin is what is required, the players will pick themselves once you have a game plan.

Captain Carnage said...

I think you've just echoed my thoughts there JB, but with less swear words...

Shirtman said...

Agree with all that's been said here, but there is the potential for things to be worse...much worse. And I don't mean yet another Qld series win, or even a white wash. No no, the travesty I refer to is this - imagine nothing but injury enforced changes, and somehow the Blues manage to jag two wins (it could happen - JT swears at a Nun and gets 8 weeks, and Inglis, Slater, Lockyer, Thaiday and Smith all sign for GWS) , resulting in a Blues "triumph against the odds".

This would be followed by much in the way of self-back-slapping and shit-eating-grin-wearing by Bellamy and the Selectors, and 5 more years of fucktardedness as they all congratulate themselves on their strategic genius and "sticking to their guns." Kill me now.