Monday, May 17, 2010

Selection Tips For The NSW Selectors

* Generally speaking, it's best to play the in-form centre of the competition in the centres. Especially when he has shown no aptitude whatsoever at five-eighth for his club.

* As a general rule, don't play a guy out of position at five-eighth.

* Also as a general rule, it's totally unnecessary to play 4 centres. Seriously, don't play 4 centres. Ever.

* It's also usually best to play your best fullback at fullback rather than on the wing.

* It's considered extremely wise to have some cover at hooker. This allows the starting hooker to have a breather and also comes in handy in case your starting hooker gets injured.

* When choosing the utility player, make sure he can play a variety of positions (particularly hooker), rather than just at centre.

* Keep It Simple Stoopids...Play two guys who can play hooker. Play two (2) centres only.

* It's a myth that you absolutely must select an "Origin bolter" every year.

* Don't feel obliged to play a guy at fullback just because he's the captain. Pick your best fullback. Pick a new captain.

* Pick a real five-eighth.

* 2 hookers good...4 centres bad.

* Look up the definition for "utility player" in the NRL dictionary before selection.

* Take full responsibility for the lack of cohesion in the halves if you pick a centre at five-eighth.

* Take full responsibility for the disaster that will unfold if the only hooker gets injured early and can't return.

* Pick your best fullback, pick a new captain, pick a genuine five eighth, pick a real utility player, pick 2 guys who can play dummy half, and pick no more than 2 centres under any circumstances.


Dan said...

You forgot to mention 'only pick two centres'.

Oh, wait. No you didn't.

All good then.

Captain Carnage said...

As the ancient Chinese proverb goes..."only pick two centres in any given Origin team"...

Captain Carnage said...

Bellamy wanted Idris because he defended Inglis well last year for the Bulldogs. And then says "He will be starting on the bench and where he actually comes on and what role he plays, we'll work that out during the week". So they haven't thought about it at all from the sounds of that. Then they move Tahu from the left side to the right side to defend Inglis and put Idris on the bench to play some vague ad-lib role. When the main reason they picked him apparently was to defend Inglis. I don't get it. If anyone out there does, please let me know how it all works.