Monday, February 13, 2012

Gasol In, Gasol Out...

A source within the Lakers camp has revealed that former All Star Pau Gasol is no longer speaking to his younger brother after Marc was named an All Star last week. "Yeah, he's got sand in his vagina over this one" the anonymous source was quoted as saying. "Kinda like one time when I was at the Palace at Auburn Hills but way more soft" he added. Marisa Gasol, mother of Pau and Marc later confirmed the bitchiness. "Pau is being a baby. He has always been the soft and delicate one in the family. I said 'be happy for your little brother'. He just pulled a face like this":

Marc was reluctant to talk to WHAB at first about such a "sensitive issue" but soon joined in the fun. "Look, I love my brother, but he can be very jealous sometimes. Especially when I'm an All Star now and he's not"! Lakers coach Mike Brown also noticed that Pau had been pouting more than usual. "You get used to Pau being temperamental, but he's been unbearable this week. Not even cuddles from Kobe can cheer him up!"

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg, self-declared Laker Fan #1 voiced his opinion via Twitter:

When asked by WHAB what it felt like to be way more soft than his All Star brother, Pau responded in typical softcock fashion:

Foul! I was fouled! Why no foul?!?


The Public Apology said...

"Pau Gasol - soft/not All Star" (best tag ever).

I typed that exact phrase into Google and arrived at this blog.

Captain Carnage said...

Yeah, it's really a nice tag...

It was refreshing to not see Pau at the All Star weekend. He probably would have called for fouls even though nobody actually plays any defense. I agree with Snoop, he is a "fuccn weanie"!