Sunday, January 16, 2011

Andrew Hilditch - You Selfish Motherfucker

After the horrifying events that have occurred during Hilditch's reign as Chairman of Selectors, I leave you this equally horrifying link...

When Trevor Hohns was our Chairman of Selectors, I hated the guy. That smarmy fucking bastard always seemed to have the answer to everything. Well, I apologise T. Hohns...because, looking back, not only were you actually right most of the time, but you also knew when it was time to go...even when you were having far more success than your successor...

So, once again, I apologise. I was wrong...And I'm not the only one who will admit that.

And Andrew are the poorest of a poor man's T. Hohns. How you have the audacity to cling on to your role is more disgusting than it is perplexing.

Your disrespect for all things Australian Cricket...I will see to it that it is never forgotten.

Mark my words you selfish fuck. I will see to it that your name in Australian Cricket circles is equal to shit for as long as I live...

Wow, I'm so fucking useless at my day job. Lucky for me that the average Australian knows nothing about cricket...especially considering I'm the most selfish douchebag in Australian sporting history. But man, my pay cheque is going to be sooooo phat.....pat on the back AH, you've been outstanding!

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