Friday, December 3, 2010

Second Test, Day 1 Recap

A collapso-kinda start to the day for the Aussies...3/2, you don't see that score often, especially in a Test Match! What we can conclude from that early spell is that Anderson is a serious bowler, who has a penchant for gobbing off, particularly to Mike Hussey, who totally has his measure. So boot right off Anderson. But he's a serious bowler no question...much more serious than the axed Johnson, whose Gatorade ads are still running...everything adds up to one...well, your Gabba Test contribution added up to one...0 wickets + 0 runs + 1 dropped catch = 1! I was initially pretty upset about Hilfenhaus (who has been our best bowler for the last two years) being replaced here, on the back of one bad Test, and, well, I'm still pissed off about it. It's horses for courses apparently. I'm a massive Rhino fan, but don't entirely trust Bollinger, and haven't been given much of a reason to doubt Hilfy...not sure where this is all going, but I'll be on record as saying that I don't like it thanks. Anyway, the story of the day is; Anderson bowled super, those people who wanted the Huss dropped are eating their own words, and Marcus North scored a totally unconvincing 26...on a beautiful batting track...and somehow, Australia got bowled out in a day at Adelaide on said beautiful batting track...


Dan said...

Fucking Magnetic Marcus North - I was promised that if he got past 10, he would go on to make a century, because the man just can't abide double figures.

So what's this 26 nonsense? Pissed me off.

I agree with you re: House of Hilf. Funny how we don't seem to have horses for courses for any of the batsmen, huh?

And of course you can't trust Bollinger - the man doesn't even have trustworthy hair. Of course, having said that, he'll probably come out and take a hat trick today. In which case, we'll get to see his hat hair, I suppose.


Captain Carnage said...

Dougie's hair is indeed untrustworthy...I have a suspicion it wants to take over the world!