Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australian Open Update

Ah, the rollercoaster ride of the punter...the day after the two teams I backed early in the NFL season to win the Superbowl, both made it through to the Superbowl, guaranteeing me a chunky payout either way, Roddick and Nadal were unceremoniously shown the exit door at the Aus' Open. This was hard to take, with Roddick hampered by a shoulder injury, and Nadal, sadly looking a mere shadow of his former self, losing to Murray. Every sportsfan finds sportspeople that, for whatever reason, sometimes seemingly for no reason, they can't stand. Well, I can't stand Andy Murray. Maybe it's his horse face. Maybe it's because he looks like he belongs in a crappy, circa mid-late 90's English Ashes team under the tutelage of Nasser Hussain. He's always annoyed me, but now he annoys me even more because I'll begrudgingly admit that he's really good. So anyone but Murray for me. I'll be on the Cilic bandwagon come Friday. In the remaining quarter finals, Djokovic looks to have the edge on Tsonga, but I'm just hoping that the Davydenko that won the ATP Tour Finals in London last year turns up against Federer, rather than the nervy, erratic one that reared it's head when he had Verdasco seemingly beaten without any dramas. I will say this; Davydenko is the most naturally talented player on the tour not to win a Slam, hell, he's probably more talented than guys who have won Slams. The problem is that he plays mind games with himself rather than his opponents. He can definitely beat Federer here; in fact, he's won their last two encounters. If we see Good Davydenko, this could be the match of the tournament...if not, we'll see this:


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