Sunday, November 22, 2009

For My Fellow Hoops Fans:

I'm sure you'll agree to the necessity of this e-mail I sent to ESPN Australia.

"For two out of the past three weeks, you guys have screwed up the top 10 plays of the week on NBA Action. 3 weeks ago, it cut straight to Sportscentre without showing them. This week, after an overly long ad for Vancouver 2010, we were able to catch only the top 7 plays. The ONLY REASON THAT PEOPLE WATCH NBA ACTION IS FOR THE TOP 10 PLAYS OF THE WEEK. After consulting everybody I know that is into basketball (i.e. a lot of people!), I can say that is a fact. We don't care about the Sounds Of The Game. We don't need to go Around The League because we already know what happened earlier in the week. We basketball fans want the TOP 10 (TEN) PLAYS OF THE WEEK. Not Sportscentre. Not the top 7 plays of the week. The TOP 10 (TEN). I think you get the drift..."

Captain. Out.

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